Esporles- streets echoing with legends and traditions


Examples of popular culture abound in Esporles, with legends by townsfolk for the enjoyment of other townsfolk. Indeed, it is hard to find any nook or cranny without an associated legend or tradition. On this walk, you can discover some fascinating spots, where tales of mystery, marvels, fear or fascination still resound.


Mysteries and legendary figures

The route starts at the parish church, more specifically from Sant Sebastià Chapel (the first on the right). During alteration work in the early 20th century, a stone mason found a walled-up priest. The townsfolk were so surprised that when parents got angry with their children, they would exclaim "I'll take you to see the priest!"

In one of the houses in the town's Vila Vella district lived a woman called Madò Tronca, although no one can say in exactly which. When she died, the parish priest was said to have visited her home to perform the last rites. As he approached the bed where the coffin lay, Madò Tronca's body leapt out and clung to the beams of the ceiling. Just you try to mock Madò Tronca's ghost!

While we're on the subject of fear, Mallorca abounds with tales of Maria Enganxa! Close to Carrer Gorg bridge, where the torrent narrows, a long, clammy arm is sometimes said to rise up from the depths, grabbing little boys and girls who are playing there with its hook-like hand. Don't say you haven't been warned!

In the little neighbourhood of Son Torrat, a devout parishioner known as “the pious woman of Son Torrat” was said to live. With her eyes cast up to the heavens, she would repeatedly exclaim: "Sinner, suppress your sinful desires!" and she did indeed supress them, not through abstinence but through an over-dose of zeal!

Close to Camí de Son Dameto bridge, a big panhole can be seen in the torrent. A giant on his way to Valldemossa is said to have stood gazing at the landscape, paying no heed to where he was putting his big hairy foot. That is why our great grandparents from Esporles began to call it Sa Potada des Gegant ("The Giant's Footprint").

One of Esporles' most famous legends is associated with Cova des Monjo (the Monk's Cave). Many, many years ago, a stranger is said to have appeared in the town. He lived all alone in a little cave. Before he died, he left a written document with the parish priest, showing where to find some hidden treasure. It was hidden under a tree, visible from Es Castellet crag on a certain day of the year.

Long, long ago, a trader from Estellencs called Pere Porquer used to pass through the town. When he finished his business in Palma, he would return home, stopping off on the way at a hotel in Esporles. He did this time and time again. However, on one occasion, when the sun rose, he didn't come down: the hotel room was empty! No one had seen him leave and, indeed, he was never seen again anywhere! For many years, the townsfolk would turn back and when children unwittingly passed the hotel, their parents would exclaim: "Don't go near, Pere Porquer will come out!"