Wherever your glance falls [...] peace and quiet prevail. —Archduke Ludwig Salvator (1884)—

Since the 19th century, Esporles has also conquered the hearts of travellers and visitors alike with its charming natural surroundings. Holm oaks congregate on the slopes above the town, forming enchanted woodlands that rise to the top of the municipality's highest peaks. Pine groves also play a predominant role, particularly on the slopes and hills that surround Canet, Ses Rotes and Miralles estates. Unlike other places in the Serra de Tramuntana, Esporles' mountains are covered in a green mantle, whichever way you look. 



One image that has captivated people throughout history is the dynamic refreshing scene found at Sant Pere torrent (which leads into Torrent Gros). In addition to trees like poplars, elms, ashes and the common hawthorn, this ecosystem also features ferns, brambles, ivy, intermediate periwinkles, creeping cinquefoils and other plants. Within the town itself, plane trees regally stand, flanking the torrent, the main road and the coolest avenues. 

Esporles also features Mallorca's oldest common yew (Taxus bacatta) on Sa Granja estate (with an estimated age of between 800 and 2000 years). 

Thanks to all the above, Esporles is the perfect place for eco-tourism and for enjoying nature by contemplating and discovering the municipality's natural treasures. It is a place that invites visitors to revel in the beauty of nature in an eco-responsible way. 

For days out in the countryside, the municipality also features a nature park–Son Tries–beside Camí des Verger road, with benches, tables and other recreational equipment for children. 

We invite you to discover the town's natural surroundings along a series of routes. Click on this link for more details.