Tour around Esporles valley

Volta a la vall d’Esporles

Getting to know the town of Esporles through its streets is a way of discovering its character. Walking around its perimeter, on the other hand, offers a totally different perspective, revealing the town's complex evolution over the course of eight centuries of history. This route combines mountain paths with roads, linking up urban areas, streets and narrow alleys. 


Little gems on the outskirts of the town 

The starting point for this route is Sant Pere Parish Church, documented as existing in the 13th century. The building underwent big alterations (which were not completed) in the early 20th century under the supervision of architect Gaspar Bennàsser. The first part of this walk, along Camí des Correu, runs below Bellavista estate, which was split off from Son Tries estate. 

After walking through an area of abandoned drystone-walled terraces, you reach Font de Dalt de Son Tries, a spring that emerges from an underground gallery, with stone benches and a stone table with an intriguing sculptured face. According to oral tradition, this is the face of the daughter of the owners of Alcàsser farmhouse (Son Tries), who died of a broken heart. 

After Son Tries recreational area, the route goes down Camí de Son Ferrà to Rafal des Capellans, an estate from which land was taken to create a neighbourhood called Vila Nova in the 18th century. 

Vila Nova features a series of houses with painted roof tiles, a popular art form that reflects the bygone hopes, beliefs, fears and other feelings of Esporles' townsfolk. There are also houses with fascinating sgraffitto decorations, like Can Mas.

After Sant Pere torrent, continue along Camí de Son Galceran and Camí de Son Bernadí, which afford breath-taking views of the town. Then you pass through a part of the town close to lovely properties in noucentista style, like La Bernadeta. A legend is again associated with the town at Cova des Monjo (the Monk's Cave), where an enigmatic person is said to have spent the last months of his life, safeguarding a map showing the location of some treasure. 

The last part of the route goes down Camí des Badaluc, a street with steps, until it meets Carrer Major, one of the town's oldest streets offering a vision of bygone lifestyles. 

Volta a la vall d’Esporles